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Risk Taking 

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Perhaps there’s more truth to this saying than we want to admit. This year has been tumultuous, with markets declining and interest rates increasing. Were we all soothsayers, we would be rich beyond our dreams. But we aren’t. And it’s disingenuous to think about the money we could have made when interest rates increase, forgetting what we could have potentially lost if we’d taken more risks. 

If we’re honest with ourselves, the idea of “risk vs. reward” necessitates an examination of both sides of that equation. As a senior, you must decide if you’re a risk taker, or want a strategy you can actually count on for safety. 

If you want to better understand the impact of the risks you take, and some financial options out there you can count on to keep you safe, get in contact with us. We’re always here to help. 

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