Our 3 Core Principles

Our 3 Core Principles When Crafting a Retirement Strategy

A good retirement strategy should be well thought out. Having a specific strategy for your future is a sure way to make sure you reach your goals. Laurus Financial works with clients to craft a strategy for them using our three main principles. Using these three keys as a guide, our team can help you have a more financially stable and stress-free retirement.


Protect Your Principal

There are typically a few different approaches people take when saving for retirement. First, there’s the “working and earning” approach. During this phase of your life, you’re still working to generate income. As a result, you may have some more of your savings invested in the stock market. You most likely aren’t relying on the money in these accounts yet. So, you may feel more comfortable with them being at risk. Your account probably has time to recover, should it suffer a loss due to a stock market dip. However, if this were to happen while you’re no longer working, that would be more concerning. Will you be able to make up for that loss once you’re no longer working, and therefore no longer adding income to your account?

This is one of the reasons that protecting your principal amount becomes much more important as you near retirement. Our first rule when working with clients is to help keep their principal safe. Your money should last you your whole life, and be safe regardless of market fluctuations. You’ve worked hard to save for retirement. Now, let’s create a retirement strategy to protect those savings.

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Look For a Reasonable Rate of Return**

Protection comes first, of course. But something else you should look for is a reasonable rate of return** over time. Too often, retirees find themselves disappointed by this aspect of whatever account their retirement money is in. A traditional bank account or CD, for example, may not get you very good rates of return. However, there are strategies for retirement that allow for a reasonable rate of return** without putting your money into a risky investment like the stock market. With these options, you may see increases in your return when an index is up, but no loss when the index is down. This is because, with an index, your money isn’t directly invested in the market.


Your Retirement Strategy Can be Simple

Does a good retirement strategy need to be complex? No, we don’t think so. In fact, we believe that some of the best and most effective strategies are simple ones. After all, if you have to spend extensive time worrying about your money and how it’s invested, you most likely aren’t enjoying your retirement. With the right retirement strategy, you can make your retirement straightforward and simple. And, you don’t have to sacrifice your long-term goals and needs to do so!

By choosing options that will get you an income for life, protect your principal, and get you a reasonable rate of return**, you can be more confident in your retirement. Sometimes, a simple and easy-to-understand strategy for doing so is all you need. Of course, each client’s needs are different. Contact us so we can discuss the details of your individual situation. Generally, though, simplicity is something to look for when planning for retirement.

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A common question we’re asked by clients: “Do I have enough money to last the rest of my life?” The approach we use allows retirees to make sure they don’t run out of money and don’t suffer from loss in the event of a market crash. This can be done using fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) or certain life insurance products such as indexed universal life (IUL) insurance policies. Many retirees have also gained additional benefits from these simple products, to take care of other needs in retirement.

We Can Help

You don’t have to choose between these three core values. You can find a way to have all three of them. Solutions like FIAs and IULs are a way of doing so, in addition to providing other benefits like tax deferral or a death benefit to your beneficiaries.

We’re here to help, no matter your current retirement situation. Call us to schedule an appointment, register for a seminar or webinar, or visit our office. We’re here to help find the right retirement strategy for you!

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