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Christopher Mullis

Christopher Mullis started Laurus Financial in 2019. He's been in the financial services industry, however, since 2007, when he became Insurance Licensed.

about christopher

Many people in his profession spread themselves thin, trying to be as many different things as they can. Chris’ focus is on one area of the financial puzzle: Keeping clients’ money safe. He believes that true diversity in a portfolio is having some or part of your money outside of risk.

Chris puts a lot of time into his business and does everything he can to be a trusted source of help to clients trying to accomplish their financial goals and protect their money. He enjoys the challenge of finding the best and most secure options for clients he can. He strives to be the solution to anyone’s frustration with the average advisor in the financial world.

Prior to founding Laurus Financial, Christopher Mullis was a senior VP at Howe Insurance Services. Then, he was the co-founder and director of marketing for an off-shoot of that company, Phoenix Insure, Inc.

Chris has always been a “numbers guy,” he strives to learn something new whenever he can, and he does everything he can to take care of clients.

Christopher lives in Plainfield, Indiana, with his wife and three kids. When not helping clients, Chris spends a lot of time with his family. “Kids grow up fast,” he’ll tell you, “So I try to make an impact with them as often as possible.” In addition to spending quality time with his children, he spends his off time vacationing at the beach, or enjoying activities like hiking or snowboarding.

He also has two dogs, named Kimmy and Rozzie, and a cat, named George.

Megan Ann Miller

Megan Ann Miller joined Laurus Financial in 2022. Her official title is Executive Assistant, which entails mainly event coordination and appointment tracking.

Part of why she enjoys working with Laurus Financial is the important impact that our services have on clients, as well as the opportunities that the job provides. Megan has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Ball State University. Megan is a very optimistic and upbeat sort of person, almost never in a bad mood. When not working, she mainly enjoys hiking and traveling. She lives in Indianapolis, IN, with a cat and two dogs, Boston Terriers named Laila and Lacy.

Paola Perez

Paola Perez is an Executive Assistant for Laurus Financial, with responsibilities such as:

Paola enjoys the pleasant atmosphere of the office and the way the team works together and supports one another. Prior to entering the financial industry, she held a similar position in the field of education, working in a network of charter schools. Paola is very friendly, extroverted, and generally lighthearted. She has an AAS degree in Business Administration. Paola currently lives in Indiana, with her husband and two sons. When not working, her main hobby is dancing.

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